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Dr Rohan Rainbow is a Graduate Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors

Background on Crop Protection Australia

Managing Director of Crop Protection Australia, a wholly owned business of Rainbow & Associates Pty Ltd established in 2001, has over 30 years of experience in industry leadership in the fields of agronomy, agricultural engineering, precision agriculture, farming systems development, crop protection technology, breeding for biotic traits and biosecurity preparedness.  Dr Rainbow has extensive experience in leadership, strategic planning, management and delivery of new agricultural technologies resulting in industry practice change. 

Dr Rainbow for 7.5 years had a national strategic leadership role in Crop Protection in the Australian grains industry as the Theme Leader with the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC). Today Dr Rainbow is a Canberra based consultant with established relationships at senior levels of government, commercial machinery, technology and chemical manufacturers, research and grower organisations. Dr Rainbow has significant experience in the delivery of strategy and reforms to national programs, technology development, agricultural industry practice change and technology adoption.

Extertise and Program Delivery

Dr Rainbow has extensive experience in the delivery of crop protection, agricultural machinery and precision agriculture research and commercialisation programs, having worked with a number of major crop protection and agricultural machinery companies.  Dr Rainbow also has significant experience in the delivery of industry change and reforms to pesticide minor use, emergency use and regulatory reform programs.  Dr Rainbow was instrumental in the establishment of the cross industry National Working Party on Pesticide Applications, delivering advanced solution for spray drift management and has recently facilitated the establishment of a cross industry AgVet Collaborative Forum. Dr Rainbow has recently supported CropLife Australia in delivery of chemical stewardship programs MyAgCHEMuse and The official Australian reference guide for organic, synthetic and biological pesticides.

Dr Rainbow has overseen the development and implementation of a number of industry strategies in plant breeding, crop protection, biosecurity, food and feed safety. Dr Rainbow has also delivered of a number of reviews and strategies for research organisations, government and the commercial sector on genetic resource management, GM crop technology, crop protection, biosecurity, digital data, automation and robotics.

Dr Rainbow is a consulting advisor to Grain Producers Australia on pesticide and technology issues. This includes leading the development of the Code of Practice for Agricultural Mobile Field Machinery with Autonomous Functions in Australia.

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