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Author: Rohan Rainbow

The report examined the regulatory, industry, technological and agronomic practices which surround the use of herbicides and herbicide tolerant crops in Australia. The report highlights the importance of maintaining regulatory independence, public transparency and a science-based risk management approach. These are critical for enabling new herbicide tolerant technology to be assessed for integration into changing and improving sustainable farming systems. The report identified a need and opportunity for improved strategic regulatory guidance on crop herbicide tolerant stewardship for volunteer crop control. Options highlighted in this report are intended to build on the established expertise, capability and processes already in place and successfully in operation.

Grain Producers Australia · August 2021
Author: Rohan Rainbow

This development and delivery of this industry code of practice has been led by Dr Rohan Rainbow on behalf of Grain Producers Australia and partners Tractor and Machinery Association of Australia and Society of Precision Agriculture Australia. The Code of Practice for Agricultural Mobile Field Machinery with Autonomous Functions in Australia has been developed with input from grain producers throughout Australia with manufacturer support and technical input from Australia, the US and the EU. It is an exciting and proactive initiative that is designed to enable future access to a rapidly emerging technology that will deliver productivity gains for growers and the industry.

CropLife Australia · March 2021
Author: Rohan Rainbow

CropLife Australia, launched The official Australian reference guide for organic, synthetic and biological pesticides to ensure better informed and fact-based discussions about the regulation and essential role of pesticides in agriculture, environmental management and human health.

Centre for Invasive Species Solutions - February 2021
Authors: Cameron Begley, Rohan Rainbow, Faisal Younus

The Centre for Invasive Species Solutions commissioned a report 'Invasive Species Solutions 2030 - Overview of Technology Opportunities' to provide an overview of these and other technology opportunities, in order to inform the technology pathway that could be pursued through to 2030 and beyond.

Centre for Invasive Species Solutions - February 2021
Authors: Cameron Begley, Rohan Rainbow, Faisal Younus

This report provides a window to a range of vertebrate pest control technologies and the solutions able to be delivered to strengthen and transform vertebrate pest management by 2030 and beyond.

Journal of Rural Studies, Volume 88, Pages 346-353. August 2021
Authors: Airong Zhang, Richard Heath, Katie McRobert, Rick Llewellyn, Jay Sanderson, Leanne Wiseman, Rohan Rainbow

Findings highlight that, to seize the opportunities of sustainable agriculture through applying big data technologies, significant value propositions for farmers need to be created to provide a reason for farmers to share data, and a higher level of trust between farmers and stakeholders, especially technology and service providers, needs to be established.

Cotton Research and Development Corporation · December 2017
Authors: Leonard, E. (Ed), Rohan Rainbow (Ed), Trindall, J. (Ed), Baker, I., Barry, S., Darragh, L., Darnell, R., George, A., Heath, R., Jakku, E., Laurie, A., Lamb, D., Llewellyn, R., Perrett, E., Sanderson, J., Skinner, A., Stollery, T., Wiseman, L., Wood, G. and Zhang, A.

Implementing the recommendations from the P2D project will set the stage for increasing the profitability of producers, providing clarity and trust in data ownership and access rights, and stimulating an innovation environment that facilitates the development and adoption of technology. This Summary Report brings together the key findings and aggregates the 67 detailed recommendations into 13 key recommendations. It also provides direction on the next steps required to implement the recommendations.

CropLife Australia - October 2017
Author: Rohan Rainbow

MyAgCHEMuse is a key source for farmers, spray contractors and environmental land managers to help them use crop protection products safely and effectively.

RIRDC/AgriFutures Australia · July 2017 Author: Rohan Rainbow  

This project establishes a sustainable approach for collaboration regarding AgVet chemicals, building on recent cross industry discussions on AgVet chemical access that were supported by industry and government stakeholders. The project also establishes a collaboration and co-investment framework to more efficiently improve AgVet technology access for agricultural industries at reduced cost. The project demonstrates potential value of collaboration and cost savings from investment in the collaborative framework, delivering increased AgVet tools to Australian agriculture. The project delivers on the Australian Government priority and $8 million investment commitment - A Competitive Agriculture Sector - improved access to agricultural and veterinary chemicals.

In Tow, P., Cooper, I., Partridge, I., and Birch, C. (Eds) Rainfed Farming Systems. Chapter 39 pp 991-1014. Springer - 2011

Authors: Rohan Rainbow, Rolf Derpsch

In World Association of Soil and Water Conservation Special Publication No.3. - No-Till Farming Systems. pp 223-246 - 2008

Author: Rohan Rainbow

SANTFA - 2004, AGRO-SOYUZ (Ukraine) - 2005

Authors: Rohan Rainbow, Denys Slee

Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs Victoria - 1989

Author: Rohan Rainbow (Editor)

Borlaug Global Rust Initiative Technical Workshop 13-16 June 2011 in St. Paul, Minnesota USA

Author:Rohan Rainbow

Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Sustainable and Effective Agriculture Using a No-Till Systems Approach 17th-20th August 2005 Dnipropetrovsk Ukraine. pp 123-138

Author:Rohan Rainbow

PhD. Thesis submitted June 2000, Department of Agronomy and Farming Systems, University of Adelaide, Roseworthy Campus

Author: Rohan Rainbow

Proceedings of 4th International Conference on Soil Dynamics (ICSD-IV) 26-30 March 2000 Adelaide SA

Authors:Rohan Rainbow, Alf Cass, Bill Bellotti and Terry Riley

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